• We Are A Family

    Hunt Of Hounds is a female-led, family business that we started in 2010 out of our one-room apartment.

    Combining our backgrounds in the fine and commercial arts along with our passion for storytelling, we work collaboratively in both Vancouver, Canada and Bali, Indonesia.

    Over the years, our small, dedicated team has become part of our family.

  • Slow & Steady

    Fashion should celebrate creativity, not destruction.

    Our slow-made process keeps small quantities of stock on hand while producing for retailers on a bespoke basis. This allows us to cut down on waste and unsold inventory as well as reduce our storage & shipping footprint.

    Together, we can make a sustainable fashion future.

  • Committed to Fairness

    For us, sustainable and ethical business practices mean re-investing in the regions that we come from. Our commitment to community trade supports small vendors in a local supply chain.

    Each purchase positively impacts our team through living wages, health care, and role advancement.

  • Celebrating Personality

    Inspired by history, romance, adventure, and magic, our designs mix heritage style and modern trends to make timeless, wearable pieces. We reflect our love for our work through attention to detail, rich back-story, and fine craftsmanship. Our goal to create pieces that tell a story - our story and the story of those who wear them.

  • Why Bali?

    Founder/Designer, Sabrina is Indonesian and Bali is our second home. In fact, our workshop is our living room! 

    As we have grown, we have made it a priority to create a  local supply chain in support of small vendors in the region. 

    We are proud of our company’s roots and draw on Indonesia’s rich history of handicraft and metal work that give each one of our pieces a unique character and loving detail.

  • Our Products

    All our jewellery is designed, crafted, finished and packaged in-house, by hand in our own workshop.

    We use 925 sterling silver as the base for ALL our pieces. Vermeil pieces are 18k gold over sterling silver, including chains and earring posts.

    Each gemstone is selected by hand to ensure quality, clarity, and size.

    Where possible we recycle raw materials.