Jewellery Care 101

Jewellery Care 101

We want every Hunt Of Hounds piece to look great and last for lifetime. Check the care card that came with your piece for instructions, and follow the tips below to help you take the very best care of your jewellery.


Hunt Of Hounds Materials

 Sterling silver will tarnish over time when left exposed to the air. Wearing silver is actually the best way to care for it, as the natural oils in your skin will polish it for you!

Gold plating is not a 'forever' finish. The life of a gold plated piece is dependent on your body chemistry and the activities you engage in while wearing it. To keep plated jewellery looking great, avoid repeated rubbing and contact with harsh solutions like pool water and detergents.

Daily Wear & Care 

Hunt Of Hounds Take Off Your Rings

We recommend taking off all gold plated pieces when working out, washing your hands, showering, swimming, and cleaning.

Exposure to cleansers, detergents, disinfectants, perfumes, and lotions, can accelerate the wear of plated items.

Hunt Of Hounds - Hand Sanitizer

Take caution when using hand sanitizer. When possible, remove your jewellery prior to application - especially gold plated pieces.

Sterling silver and solid gold are more resilient to exposure to alcohol and can be worn for infrequent application of hand sanitizer.

Hunt Of Hounds Wash Your Hands

Our sterling silver and solid gold pieces can be worn when washing your hands with mild soap. Take care to not scratch the surface or damage gemstones as you move your hands.


Hunt Of Hounds Jewellery Storage

Store your jewellery in a dedicated jewellery box or container that can protect your pieces from oxygen and humidity. Try to separate each piece from the next by using a ring tray or a pouch.

Sterling silver pieces will tarnish when not worn, so be sure to rotate your styles.



Hunt Of Hounds Polishing  

Gently rub your piece with a dry, non-abrasive cloth, such as a jewellery polishing cloth. Do not use chemical cleaners or other solutions as they may damage the finish and dull gemstones.

Please contact us if you have any questions about cleaning or polishing your Hunt Of Hounds pieces.


We do our very best to create timeless pieces with high quality materials. By following these tips, your jewellery will keep looking beautiful for years to come.

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