Our Commitment to Fairness

Nobody is perfect, but each new day gives us a chance to reinforce our strengths, own our imperfections, and work to improve our relationships with each other and our environment.

At Hunt Of Hounds we have always been, and continue to be invested in our team of artists, their families, and our community at large. Since day one, we made it part of our mission to ensure that everyone who works for us is treated with respect, paid above-average, monthly salaries (+ healthcare) and that we all get to enjoy a healthy work-life balance.  

For us,  sustainability and ethical business practices  mean re-investing in the communities that we come from. 

As a female-led, family business, we also take gender equality to heart. We are proud to say that women on our team design the pieces, manage the production and logistics, and head up all our social media. Each purchase of a Hunt Of Hounds piece positively impacts the women on our team through equal wages and role empowerment.

Lastly, we are committed to dispelling the unfortunate myth that producing in Asia equates to sweatshop labour, low quality materials, and unsavoury environmental practices. That's why it was important for us to set up our own workshop and embody our values of fair trade, ethically sourced materials, and eco-awareness.