The Distance of Time : Varsam Kurnia x Hunt Of Hounds

The Distance Of Time Limited Edition

{Made to Order and Pre-Orders are closed for this collection}

Our past, present, and future flow in an infinite loop. Dreams of tomorrow become realities of today, and soon pass into yesterday’s fond remembrance. 

Inspired by the cycles of life and our enduring desire to glimpse what the future holds, Varsam Kurnia and Hunt Of Hounds present a new collection entitled ‘The Distance of Time’. Rendered in beautiful detail, the limited edition pieces are adorned with ageless symbols of hope, aspiration, empathy, and fortune that empower the wearer to tell their own epic story.

Compass Of Fortune Necklace

Feature pieces include the Compass of Fortune Necklace, a beautiful and interactive toggle clasp piece that uses the wearer’s movements to answer questions - picture a prettier, wearable Magic 8 Ball. The What Goes Around Ring reminds us to keep your karma in check, while the YesterdayToday, and Tomorrow necklaces layer nicely to amplify the meaning of your personal style.

Conceived by Indonesian artist Varsam Kurnia, the designs reflect his distinct, layered vision of the human experience. Merged with the engaging and detailed style of jewellery brand Hunt Of Hounds, the pieces are playful, thoughtful, and functional. Inclusive and unisex, the rings and necklaces are ethically handmade in the Hunt Of Hounds workshop and are available exclusively at