Outshine Bad Vibes with our Rise Above Collection

We're back - and returning to signature themes and customer-favourite imagery for our new range of slow-made rings, necklaces, and earrings. The collection, entitled Rise Above, is inspired by the defenders, the allies, and the friends in our lives - those that protect, love, and uplift us.


The sterling silver and vermeil creations are lovingly adorned with precious gems and intricate details that tell a story with each wear. Imparting protection, love, and charity, the Defender Ring features a tiny heart floating on a glinting quartz gemstone, flanked by ruby-ingrained daggers. Pieces like the Without End Necklace and Oracle Earrings conjure tales of creativity and self confidence.

For Hunt Of Hounds owner and designer, Sabrina Johnson, working on this collection was a chance to reflect on how the personal meanings of symbols and stories can evolve over time. “It’s funny - A decade ago when I started working with memento mori and sentimental jewellery imagery, I connected to the passionate and macabre interpretations. Now, I see them as messages of encouragement and a reminder to enjoy life,” she says. “That’s what’s great about those timeless concepts - you can embody different meanings at different points in your life and no two people will have the same backstory as to why they wear the piece.” 

Check out the full collection and add to your style story today!