10 Years of Hunt Of Hounds

2020 marks the 10th year of Hunt of Hounds and we wanted to take a moment to reflect, celebrate, and share a bit of our history.

It seems impossible that ten years have passed since we started this journey, but we are grateful for every moment. As a small, family-run business, we are thankful for every small success - that's every single purchase, every single tag or mention, and every single positive comment we hear back from our clients, customers, and resellers.  
At the end of the day, we couldn't do what we do without the support and enthusiasm that we receive from all of you!

In early 2010, we were working as freelancers for a variety of fashion brands based in Bali - we won't say who, but you'd know the names :). We were doing everything from product and print design to lookbook layouts and websites. After gaining a lot of experience, an opportunity came our way to start our own clothing line. As part of the apparel collections, we were also creating jewellery to accessorize the looks.

Soon, the jewellery started out-selling the clothes. Jewellery had always been a passion for Sabrina, so we were thrilled to re-focus our brand. By late 2010, we had a couple small collections - including one that featured tiny clay skulls that Sabrina sculpted and painted herself!

Over the next few years, we drew on our training in the fine arts to create more refined, full collections of rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. In 2012, we opened our first retail shop called Cave and Cove with a dedicated section of Hunt of Hounds products. Shortly after and thanks to the growing demand for our work, we opened a Hunt Of Hounds shop-in-shop located inside the Miss Milne flagship boutique in Bali.

huntofhoundsshop CaveandCove 

Back then and still today, each one of our handcrafted pieces starts as a sketch. Not every idea makes it to production, but we love the process of discovery that takes a spark of inspiration all the way to someone's wardrobe. From the sketches each design is hand carved as a wax model which is used to to create a master and mold for our production process.
Since 2010, we estimate that we've created over 200 styles!

While we were taking a walk down memory lane, we found some styles that we (oops) forgot about and some that we still love ... perhaps some of these found a place in your heart as well!

♡ Skulls and raw crystals were our first love! ♡ 

♡ Botanicals for all seasons ♡ 


From our first collection of modest, hand-painted clay skulls to our current collections, we've always tried to stay true to our own story and to create pieces that connect with the stories of our customers. We continue to celebrate individuality and encourage you all to embrace your personal style and wear it proudly. 


We can't wait to continue growing and evolving Hunt of Hounds and bringing you along for the ride! In the past 10 years we have kept our same team of artists and assistants, and we are forever grateful for their hard work, collaborative spirit, and kindness - they are a part of our family. Here's to another 10! 

- Sabrina, Cole, Tika, Riley, Tedi, Yuli, & Didi